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All parents-to-be would love to have a warm, fun yet memorable baby shower with their loved ones to prepare for the newest member in their lives. Parents, especially moms, are usually the ones who make the plans for the event. Sometimes they may even have a little panic session to get everything the way they envisioned it. Well, we understand the pressure, but the baby shower is all about letting go of stress, right? Here we have 5 awesome baby shower themes that are timeless yet flexible for you to embrace your way!

nursery rhymes

Nursery rhymes are the eternal element in each of our childhoods. This is also a theme that fits any baby shower. Also, there are numerous sources to incorporate, with minimal risk of having a ‘copycat’ event. You can sit down with your partner to decide on your favorite rhymes to include in the decorations. You can use a single rhythm or you can mix and match several for a diversifying effect. If is one humpty dumpty gold has twinkle twinkle little Staror both, make sure to leave a pinch of your creativity while planning the party!

fairy tales

This is another topic that is eternally engaging with endless resources for help. You can have a baby shower based on the “After Happily Ever After” theme, where you and your Prince Charming are expecting your baby, prince or princess. Take the fairy tale you like best, or put a twist on things, like the Shrek movies, while you plan the shower. Review your childhood memories, if available, to turn them into a nostalgic event! You can ask your family and your partner’s for help, which will allow you all to have a good time together as well.

Baby hand and foot prints

If you are willing to have a low-key baby shower, you can apply this cute idea as a theme. You can choose the illustrations or images of baby handprints and footprints and order a simple banner and cake with other decorative details based on that. You can make mini banners with colorful handprints to go along with the handprint and footprint theme, which will make your guests go away. “oooh”!

Bottles and Utensils

This is another fun but easily doable theme. This is also for boys and girls. You can serve food to guests in bottles and cutlery, make a cake in the shape of a half-full baby bottle, give favors to guests in bottles, or offer them personalized paper bibs instead of napkins. There may be many other ideas to adopt, just tickle your creative sense a bit.

Peas in a pod for twins and triplets

If you’re having twins or triplets, this is a must-try theme. You can decorate the place with your favorite colors while adding your own twist on the basic “peas in a pod” concept. You can put each decoration in pairs or triplets, and decorate with cute illustrations of peas, stuffed animals and much more!

Of course, there can be many other amazing themes for your baby shower, but these 5 are not just classic, they can also be easily customized. So don’t freak out thinking about your party tidbits, just enjoy the whole experience!

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