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Chivry Group Green Salad Dressing is really my dad’s tweak of an old recipe from a Swiss chef friend of ours. It’s actually a very simple method of using up a lot of your kitchen scraps with some fresh herbs from the garden. Salad dressings should taste good, but also fit into the overall menu to limit too many extra ingredients. Parsley stalks, celery ends, onion ends are examples of kitchen scraps incorporated into the dressing.

Not content to put up with things as they are, I made a similar salad dressing with some very definite alterations. I titled this offshoot of the Chivry group’s green dressing with the somewhat humorous (at least in my mind) title of Emerald Goddess Salad Dressing. Of course, this recipe is simply the starting point because I rarely make salad dressing the same way twice. I tend to have fun with whatever spices and herbs I can think of.

Basil and parsley are important, but the true base of the Chivry group’s green salad dressing is onion and garlic, where the Emerald Goddess is an onion and celery spin on the recipe. I add avocado and apple cider vinegar to my dressing (and sometimes an egg if I’m sorry). Although the present recipe refrains from using Maggi, it’s probably because I didn’t have a bottle in the kitchen when I was filming it.

Chivry green dressing is not only a crowd pleaser, it’s simple to make and somewhat inexpensive (fresh herbs add to the cost… Maggi itself isn’t too cheap, but a bottle lasts quite a while). The seasonality of herbal dressings is a topic I will avoid at this point. Let’s just say Chivry Group Green Salad Dressing is a late-summer dressing that can be enjoyed year-round if you don’t mind buying basil and parsley in the off months.

The only real curveball with the Chivry group dressing is Maggi. Maggi is a Swiss wheat sauce, similar to soy sauce, that can be bought in German markets or can sometimes be found at a local Cash & Carry. While it’s a seasoning worth having in the kitchen, it’s not a must-have ingredient for the Chivry group’s green salad dressing. Taste the dressings for yourself and decide which one is your favourite.


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