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Many people love and appreciate their dogs, and we all know that dogs love to eat. It is common for dog owners to reward their dog with treats in the form of food. This is the main reason why most dogs are considered to be overweight. An overweight dog can be defined as a dog whose weight is 15% higher than what is considered optimal for the weight of that specific breed. If you look at people’s dogs today, you won’t be surprised to find that most of them are probably obese.

Canines never seem to get tired of eating. If you do not control what your dog consumes and the intervals of his meals, you could unknowingly cause him various diseases such as diarrhea, spotting, constipation and even obesity. One of the main reasons most canines are obese is because owners allow their dogs to feed freely. However, what many people do not realize is that when a dog always has food at his disposal, it can be detrimental to him or her. Controlling when and what your dog eats will help keep him healthy and obesity-free.

The food you feed your dog should not necessarily be dictated by its breed, but rather by its age, activity, and health. Only give your dog some table scraps occasionally, and never directly from the table. If you feed him from the table, he may develop a habit of begging while you eat, eventually resulting in obesity.

Nutrition is a very important aspect of your dog’s overall physical health. Without the right foods, you can easily become obese or, even worse, get sick. The best quality food you choose should provide your pet with a shiny coat, good energy, and a good quality of health. Finding a quality food for the maintenance of your dog is the best option.

Dogs need a lot of exercise to stay healthy. Give your dog lots of exercises. They have a natural desire to expend energy playing and running. Playful exercise is good for your dog’s body and mind. Avoid circumstances where you have to keep your dog locked up all day as it will make him antisocial, obese, and miserable. Allowing your dog to run to provide exercise and entertainment that plays an important role in the health of the dog’s body.

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