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Going out to dinner is a common occurrence in this day and age. With more people working long hours, it makes sense for fewer people to cook at home. Instead, consumers walk to their favorite restaurants and rest while someone else prepares the food. The choice of establishments has as much to do with overall cost and atmosphere as it does with the type of food served. So what are the main options to choose from?

Fast food for convenience

Everyone has heard of fast food chains. These places offer meals at a cheap price and sometimes serve them before you even leave the register. At these restaurants, you order at the counter and wait while your food is prepared on a plastic tray. Tickets are delivered in paper wrappers or cardboard boxes. If there are eating utensils, they are usually disposable. Kids meals may come with some kind of prize.

Ideal for families for an affordable outing

These restaurants are geared towards people with children. They don’t necessarily have to fall under the “fast food” label, but they usually offer kids’ menus. While they may have actual servers and dishes, these establishments do not offer candlelit dining. Businesses that advertise themselves as family-friendly are more expensive than most drive-ins, but are generally affordable for middle-class families.

Casual dining for everyday occasions

Casual dining establishments can also be family-friendly, but they don’t have to be. Usually these places offer a relaxed atmosphere. You don’t need a reservation to get a table, and there’s no formal dress code. You can feel comfortable wearing jeans or shorts and just enjoying the food. Restaurants in these categories offer a variety of entrees and may have a children’s menu, but are not as boisterous as the typical family setting. Establishments that market themselves as casual dining are affordable for most budgets.

Elegant dinner for formality

Fine dining restaurants are the higher end of the scale. These establishments serve quality appetizers, entrees and desserts. Because they offer premium service and tickets, there is a higher price. These establishments generally do not cater to families and may not have a children’s menu. The atmosphere here is one of quiet socializing, and there may be soft music playing in the background. The lighting is usually subtle in these places. If you plan to dine here, you should bring plenty of money, as these establishments are not cheap.

Choosing which restaurant to go to for dinner really depends on your taste and budget. The cuisine in these businesses varies as much as the choice of dining room style.

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