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Dumping syndrome is an effective result of the gastric bypass system alerting the body to inappropriate feeding. Dumping syndrome is described as a shock-like state when small, easily absorbed food particles quickly dump into the digestive system. This results in a very unpleasant feeling with symptoms such as cold and sticky sweat, paleness, butterflies in the stomach and rapid pulse. These symptoms may be followed by cramps and diarrhea. This state can last from 30 to 60 minutes and is quite uncomfortable.

That was the clinical description of dumping.

This is what I experience when I go back: Shortly after eating a food I can’t tolerate (sugar, milk, sugary dairy products, or starchy carbs) I start to feel a bit disoriented, maybe dizzy, and then a general sense of confusion or panic. It takes over my mind and my body. This is a mild state of delirium. Then I start to sweat. Profuse sweating that can completely soak my hair, my clothes; it drips and shines on my skin. During this sweaty panic I feel like I’m out of my mind! A few times during extremely dramatic dumping episodes, I literally thought I was dying, the state of distress was that severe.

At this point, during a dumping episode, I’ve learned that it’s best to lie on your side and let nature take its course. The body is efficiently, albeit painfully, correcting a chemical imbalance in the cellular system. It takes a great deal of presence of mind to calm down and go to bed, but even in a state close to delirium I now know that this is the only action to take. I know the event is over when the feeling of panic is replaced by exhaustion and chills instead of sweat. From time to time I have suffered from diarrhea at this point. If I have the luxury, I’ll try to take a nap or go to bed after shooting. If it’s at night, I’ll sleep through the night and wake up feeling like I’ve been hit by a truck.

Mild delirium associated with dumping is the result of a disruption of nerve impulses that affect brain metabolism. Disruptions are caused by metabolic disturbances such as fluid or electrolyte imbalance. When the wrong foods are eaten and dumped into the digestive system, electrolytes become unbalanced. Dehydration will also cause an electrolyte imbalance. This mild delusion is characterized by a reduced ability to pay attention to the environment or by disorganized thinking. The daily routine can become confusing. In extreme cases, a person who is shooting may experience rambling, irrelevant, or incoherent speech.

After the dumpster passes, the questioning begins: what caused that dumpster? I’ve gone all out with yogurt, sugar cookies, lobster bisque, and blackberry sherbet. I have thrown after a margarita. A particularly impressive dump followed a love party with a piece of pecan pie. Salty potato chips that should never have passed my lips brought me down faster than an award-winning boxer ever could. I have thrown a couple of times for which I have never determined a cause. In most cases, eating the wrong foods for my gastric bypass system is to blame. Through trial and error I can predict most of the things that make me capsize, and I disdainfully avoid them.

The most efficient way to avoid dumping is to maintain the strict regimen practiced during bariatric childhood: follow the four rules. Eat protein first making sure you include half of each meal. Avoid snacks. Avoid all sources of simple sugar; And yes, this includes cookies, cakes, candy, soft drinks, ice cream and sherbet. Drink water throughout the day. When you practice this eating behavior, your blood sugar level won’t fluctuate and it won’t tip over. Longing for something sweet, most patients have learned that they can tolerate a bite of fruit at the end of the meal. Proceed with caution and find out what works for you.

The first reaction when the spill starts is to try to stop it. There is a feeling of helplessness, like trying to stop an earthquake. I have tried to eat myself out of it. I have tried to remove it by drinking water. I’ve tried physical movement, rhythm, to get out of it. I have not successfully stopped a dumping episode. I don’t know anyone who can successfully stop a dumping episode. Drinking a sports drink like Gatorade will relieve my symptoms, although my surgical weight loss specialists do not recommend this practice. If you find something that relieves you during a dump and doesn’t cause more damage, then go for it.

It is important to note that the download experience is different for each person. Some will always have extreme dumps and others will have milder episodes. People will notice that dumping episodes will vary depending on the incident. No two landfills are the same and no two landfills are the same.

Dumping is a bittersweet fact of life after weight loss surgery. Because we must fuel our bodies by eating, we will experience dumping. Compliance with the four rules will prevent spillage in most cases. However, from time to time we will be surprised by a landfill caused by an unsuspected food. Keeping a list of poorly tolerated foods will help you avoid them. The acutely dramatic event of dumping is a compelling motivator to follow the rules and avoid foods that have triggered a dumping episode.

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