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Finding a good dentist may seem like one of the easiest tasks you’ll ever embark on, but you may be in for a surprise. Although we all like to think that anyone in a white coat can be trusted, the fact is that, just like any other profession, there is a top and a bottom in the field. And the bottom of the field may not be immediately obvious or easy to distinguish from the best. You don’t want any old tricks working on your teeth, so here are some tips to help you separate the wheat from the chaff.

When looking for a dentist, you want to find one who isn’t just interested in lining their pockets with as many patients’ dollar bills as they can fit in the chair. You want someone who is in business for the right reasons. How can you know? Well, you can’t. Not for sure. But if they are acting well enough to fool you, it can be as good as having one who actually believes in what they are doing. The important thing is to find someone who cares for their patients, takes the time to ask questions, and listens to their concerns. Someone who spends as much time teaching and advising on best oral health practices as he does examining teeth. These are the things that make a good dental professional.

Make sure you find a dentist who encourages you to make 2 visits a year and who can accommodate you at a convenient time. If you constantly have to go to great lengths to make an appointment, you’re more likely to lose the habit of showing up when you’re supposed to. Also worth noting: If a dental office cancels your appointment more than once, it’s probably time to start looking elsewhere. Once is forgivable, as these things happen. If you are in one place long enough, twice is fine because you have established a working relationship and have spent a great deal of time. But frequent cancellations early on are unacceptable.

You can also work to avoid meeting the wrong dentist by reading ratings and reviews. Some search engines pull ratings from other sites, while others simply allow you to rate professionals. There are also sites specializing in testing ratings and reviews from local professionals. If someone consistently gets poor grades, chances are you should avoid them.

Finally, try to avoid any dentist who acts as a salesperson. If you constantly struggle with launches of this product or that product, do yourself a favor and find someone more professional. Trying to sell products in the office is a conflict of interest and you deserve better for your health care.

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