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If you’re visiting the Philippines for a vacation, opt to skip the usual haunts and book a resort stay in Guimaras instead. While the province isn’t at the top of many travelers’ bucket list as a vacation destination, it does have wonders that are sure to invite you to visit for a day or more. Here are some things about Guimaras you should know:

1. It is an island province located in the western Visayas region of the Philippines. Guimaras can be found on the Gulf of Panay, flanked by Panay and Negros. It used to be part of a larger province, Iloilo, before becoming one on May 22, 1997. This fact makes it the youngest province in this Philippine region.

two. Iloilo is the main entry point to Guimaras. From downtown Parola and Ortiz Wharf, you can take a 15-minute ride on a motor boat to reach Jordan, the capital of Guimaras.

3. Hiligaynon is the dialect mainly used by the locals. Don’t worry though, as people here speak and understand English as well.

Four. Guimaras is mainly known for its mango industry. The island has around 8,000 hectares of mango orchards, which are managed and supervised by individual growers or large corporations. These orchards are said to produce the best export quality mangoes, considered to be one of the sweetest varieties in the world and certified pest-free by the US Department of Agriculture. They are sold in their fruit form or made in delicacies such as dried mangoes or mango jam.

5. Tourism is also big in Guimaras. Aside from its mango orchards, the province is also known as a tropical vacation destination. It has white sand beaches, crystal clear waters, abundant marine life and even isolated islets. These characteristics make Guimaras an ideal option for travelers who want to enjoy water sports or simply sunbathe.

6. Mainland activities can also be enjoyed here. For guests who want to opt for the usual swimming or diving, the rugged terrain of Guimaras offers them something else to do. More adventurous tourists can climb mountains or ride bikes, abseil or go island hopping.

7. Visitors can find a large number of first class hotels and resorts in Guimaras. Costa Aguada Island Resort is one of them, which is located on the island of Inampulugan. This Class AA resort is one of the properties that promote ecotourism in the province, being nestled on an island covered in virgin forests and inhabited by various species of wildlife. This factor provides travelers with not only a beautiful place for their vacations, but also a quiet and private retreat. Similar accommodations abound too – you can ask the staff at the Tourism Center near Jordan Harbor for information on where to stay in Guimaras.

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