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Are you starting to think about what to get your spouse for their next anniversary? There are many great options for creative gifts that will not only surprise your loved one, but also allow them to show greater meaning; you just need to know where to look. Especially for anniversary occasions, it seems more appropriate to find a personalized gift that can hold special meaning to a relationship – show renewed commitment and celebrate shared joy.

Consider working with an artist to create a personalized anniversary gift just for the two of you. There are many groups of artists on the internet who specialize in different types of art and can use the photos submitted by you to create something highly personalized. For example, an artist can paint an oil painting of a couple using a formal portrait photo for reference, or create a more informal painting based on a snapshot of everyday life. Take a photo of a special moment from your shared past and ask the artist about creative ways they can come up with a highly personalized anniversary gift. Do you think your partner may be self-conscious about their appearance in the photo you are considering? Tell the artist that and he or she can adjust the painting to address your spouse’s concern, such as painting a slimmer, younger person, thicker hair, a more flattering posture, or any of a number of changes. . Remember, the photo is just a loose reference to tell the artist about yourself. The artist can then creatively adjust the painting to get exactly what he has envisioned.

To get started, run a search for personalized anniversary gifts and rate different artists. Each one will have different specialties, so it makes sense to evaluate several until you find one that suits your tastes.

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