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The mobile phone battery is like a built-in power source in your mobile phone. There are varieties of batteries for different capacities of mobile phones. A battery is a very important component in a mobile phone as it supplies little electrical energy for its operation. Battery technology for mobile phones has undergone continuous improvements, which in fact aid in the production of new sophisticated mobile phones.

Older-type batteries, such as Ni-Cad, require a full and regular discharge before recharging. But, newer type batteries like Li-Ion and NiMH do not require such practice. All these types of batteries have a current charge limit that can be conserved in it and this is usually measured in milliamps (mAH). Depending on various characters, mobile phone batteries are classified into many types where Ni-Cad batteries are the oldest type and the newest are lithium ion batteries.

NiMH batteries

The NiMH (Nickel Metal Hydride) type of batteries is one that is widely used today due to the fact that it does not require a full discharge before starting to recharge like a NiCad battery. For this advantageous reason, they are widely used in mobile phones and even laptops.

This important aspect makes NiMH batteries compatible with a large number of consumers, since they do not hinder you from maintaining the batteries each time they are recharged.

The other main advantage of the battery is that it stores more energy than Ni-Cad and alkaline batteries. Still, it has an obstacle for its users downloading on its own in a faster period of time, making it impractical for longer storage.

Lithium ion batteries

Lithium ion batteries are new to the market and have the lowest discharge rate compared to Ni-Cad and NiMH batteries. They have nothing to do with full discharge before recharging and are therefore widely used in mobile phones today. They are excellent to use due to their low weight, which makes devices such as mobile phones and video cameras more portable.

Lithium polymer batteries

This is the newest type of battery used on the market. They are the most successful today for mobile phones due to their potential for increased storage and low weight.

In addition to knowing the battery types, you should also adopt some practice to maximize the life of any mobile phone battery you use. One of them is cleaning dirty battery contacts, which is the main problem of charging batteries. Therefore, clean the battery contact of your mobile phones regularly. Batteries that are left unused for a long time lose their storage capacity. So once it is started with a battery it should be used until it is depleted. After all this, you can have a long-lasting battery for your mobile phone, which is important to avoid spending more to buy another battery.

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