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“In recent years, many international students in the UK have chosen to live in off-campus student accommodations, which are not only comfortable but also convenient. So, how should we live in off-campus student accommodation in London? Let’s take a look at the relevant procedures of London student accommodation.

The first step is to view the house. It is strongly recommended that you go to see the house in person. If you are not there, ask your friends to help you see the house and take photos.

How much do you know about the process of renting in London?

The second step, if you are looking for a house from an intermediary, they usually ask you to pay a holding fee in advance. This money is to take the house off the market after you decide to rent it, so that others cannot rent it. It is normal to charge this fee. If you pay the holding fee and then you stop renting, the money is non-refundable. If you pay the holding fee and cannot rent it to you due to problems with the house on the intermediary side, this money It is to be refunded to you. The second step is to prepare the contract. A formal intermediary or landlord will clearly indicate on the contract what money you need to pay, what each item is, and how much it costs, such as agency fees, house listing fees, deposits, etc. .

Step 3, After you are satisfied with the contract terms and amount, you need to sign the contract. Remember that the contract will take effect after you pay, so before signing the contract, please be sure to read the content of the contract carefully to ensure that there are no overlord clauses and clauses in the contract. Indiscriminate charges.

The fourth step is to get the key and you can move in!
If you have any questions about London student accommodation, UK, please call Xiaoju, and we will arrange professional consultants to answer you in detail. “

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