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Let’s face it girls, we all dream of the day he pops the question! Even before we know who he is. However, you may have found the perfect guy, and now you’re wondering what it will take for him to pop the question.

As a gender, we girls aren’t very patient either. When we know he’s the one we don’t want to wait forever for him to commit! We know it’s forever, so how come you can’t figure it out? Well, there are foolproof ways to get him to engage right away, from hello to yes, I agree. It’s simple, it works, and we all want to know what the secret is.

If you’ve been dying to be asked the question, if you’ve wondered if it’s not beneath you to ask the question yourself, then this is really something to check out. The man should always ask you! You may discover the secret to getting him to propose, even before he realizes he’s ready to pop the question.

Can you get him to propose soon? Can you walk him down the aisle even though he’s a confirmed bachelor? Yes you can, you can figure out how to get him to ask the question.

Do you want to know how? Are you ready to go from single to happily married? Are you ready for the ring and the full nine yards? Well, if yes, then there is no reason to wait any longer, all you have to do is follow these instructions and you can get any guy to propose to you.

Confirmed Bachelor? It doesn’t matter, he will surely ask you the question if you know the secret for him to ask you. There are men out there who swear they will never get married, if your man is one of these guys don’t worry, you can still make him propose and walk him down the aisle if you know how.

He might say he’s a confirmed bachelor, or it might just be that they haven’t known each other for a long time. Still, we women know when it’s right, and as they say, the man is always the last to know about these things, so how do you get him to ask the question? Well, we tell you how.

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