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We are talking about serious sports equipment made with space-age materials and quality standards. Jumping stilts are not toys, but are designed for both the professional entertainer and the novice sports enthusiast. Make no mistake, these are high-functioning spring-loaded stilts that will propel the wearer into spaces they may never have experienced before. It could even be argued that by using “Power Risers Jumping Stilts” one is in the act of performing superhuman feats, giving them the feeling that they are “Superman” or the “Power Rangers”! Haste will give them the mental image that they are involved in some kind of “superhuman” adventure. Mr. Alexander Boeck is the name of our inventor from Germany and a question for you is… Was Boeck thinking outside the BOX when he assembled his grip style in 1996? After Boeck filed his patent in 1999, interest in his invention grew rather quickly. Today, there are patents for jumping stilts coming out not only from Germany, but also from France, Great Britain, Italy, Spain, and the US.

Some of you may have heard that jumping stilts were inspired by seeing jumping kangaroos. True or not, this could be where the name kangaroo stilts derives from. There are actually a plethora of names for stilt jumping, but if you see or hear the term “Power Bocking” it refers to the sport or act of wearing stilts invented by Alexander Boeck. The term “Bocking” was derived from our inventor, Mr. Boeck. So “Bocking” is the act of walking, running, jumping or performing tricks using jumping stilts.

Most jumping stilts are made of aluminum, fiberglass, and/or carbon fiber. The spring piece is obviously attached to the aluminum frame just like the foot pad. The frame is configured to move in multiple axes to replicate the movement of a robotic leg. The spring is the power assist to move things but think of the user as the motor (power source) while the spring is the turbo boost for the motor. Your foot will be securely attached to a foot pad attached to the aluminum frame. The bent spring stores energy according to the amount of tension applied to it. When force is applied to the spring, it flexes to a point equal to the force applied to it, and then returns to its original position. This is where we get propulsion or launch and the ability to take flight. This is also why knowing your exact or close weight is necessary when purchasing a set of stilts so that the proper spring tension can be set for your new pair of jumping stilts.

If you neglect this detail, you can get very frustrated with your purchase, and only because the spring was not the right size for your body weight. If the spring is too weak, it simply won’t have enough push to send you off. The rise of the frames is 18″ while the springs are 3′ long. The basic design of the jumping stilts will cause you to slide your leg into the frame of the stilt. Therefore, the stilts virtually wrap around the bottom of your the leg, becoming an extension of your Once he can maintain his balance and begins to use the stilts regularly, giving him the stilts to jump will seem like a “walk in the park.” Visit, where you can view an informative video about the nomenclature and how to use them.

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