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The dangers of excessive sun exposure are well known. The harmful effects of UV rays have long been associated with skin cancer and other ailments, leading to the widespread belief that the best way to stay healthy is to avoid direct sun exposure, especially when the sun is out. at its highest point. proudest around noon.

However, the next best thing is to make sure you apply a high-factor sunscreen to any exposed skin and wear sunglasses with UV protection.

Of course, little persuasion is needed regarding the precaution of staying out of the sun. It may surprise some to learn that animals can also be just as susceptible to the sun’s rays, and family pets that spend a lot of time outdoors may have a much higher risk of developing skin cancer than those confined indoors. indoor environment.

For example, dogs with short white fur and light-colored skin, such as Dalmatians, Bull Terriers, Whippets, and Greyhounds, are at higher risk of developing sun-induced disorders later in life.

Preventive measures that can be taken include avoiding a pet’s sun exposure altogether, wearing sun-protective shirts, and, perhaps surprisingly, applying sunscreen.

The type of sunscreen recommended for children may also be suitable for animals, as they are often waterproof, odorless, and less likely to cause skin irritation. But now there’s even a sunscreen designed specifically for pets, offering an easy spray application process and a non-greasy layer of protection.

No cat or dog likes to be cooped up, especially in the hot summer months, so it’s probably wise to take preventative measures to minimize your chances of sun-related illnesses. However, like everything in life, nothing can offer a 100% guarantee of protection.

Skin cancer is the most common type of cancer in dogs and the second most common type of cancer in cats. But if it’s caught early enough, then treatment is a genuine option, although it’s likely to incur considerable costs from the vet, so having adequate pet insurance is important.

And as is the case when shopping for anything in the Internet age, it’s best to request multiple pet insurance quotes, as prices can vary significantly between providers; Plus, significant discounts are often available when you buy a pet insurance policy online.

So even our little furry friends are at risk from the elements. By taking the proper preventive measures, it is possible to ensure that our beloved pets live a long and healthy life.

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