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Visitors know that San Agustin is a city rich in historical interest and native and European cultures, but another great reason to visit is the variety of locally made food products. When you think of Florida, oranges and key lime pie most likely come to mind when looking for local treats. A trip to St. Augustine, however, will have you craving other sweet and spicy things.

If you like to have an occasional glass of wine, the Bodega San Sebasti├ín. on King Street should definitely be on your itinerary. Take the free tour and find out how their tasty red, white and Port wines are made on site. Muscadine grapes native to the area, along with boiling varietals such as Stover and Blanc Du Bois, give these Florida vintages a unique flavor and body that have won numerous competition medals in San Sebastian. Of course, you can try it out for yourself after the tour and don’t forget to pick up some bottles to take home.

Ask anyone about the spicy side of St. Augustine, and they’ll most likely point you to Old Town and the Dat’l Do-It store. This brand of hot sauces, dressings, and other condiments is made with local date peppers. Grown in St. Augustine for over two centuries, datils are waxy yellow and sweet in flavor, but they pack a punch, and the folks at Dat’l Do-It send thousands of bottles across the country each year to tempt to the taste buds. in need of a kick.

After all that spicy stuff, there’s no better way to chill your palate than with something sweet. Two of North Florida’s best chocolatiers, Whetstone Chocolates of St. George Street and Claude’s Chocolates on Hypolita St., are available to serve succulent truffles and fine artisan bons-bons, milk bars, dark and white varieties, and no sugar. . candies. Be sure to bring a bag or two as sweet gifts for friends and family.

From wine to chocolate, spicy condiments and savory pastries, St. Augustine offers a delicious selection of flavors to enjoy on vacation and long afterward. Bring your appetite when you come visit and take home the taste of North Florida.

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