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To earn the Farmville Noah’s Ark ribbon, you must acquire several unique animals and place them on your farm. You must also harvest or collect from each of your farm animals.

Step 1; The yellow tape:

To win the yellow ribbon you will need 2 unique animals. Go to the market and buy a cow, a chicken and a sheep. Collect milk, eggs and wool from each of your animals.

Step 2; The white ribbon:

To win the white ribbon, you will need 4 unique animals on your farm. Ask your Farmville neighbors and friends to send you Farmville animals as gifts. They can send you a horse, a pig, a duck, a rabbit, or a goat. Harvest horse hair from your horse, truffles from your pig, down from your duck, angora wool from your rabbit, and milk from your goat.

Step 3; The red ribbon:

To earn the red ribbon, you will need 6 unique animals. Add more Farmville friends and neighbors to receive more gifted animals.

Step 4; The blue ribbon:

To earn the blue ribbon, you will need 8 unique animals on your farm. Adopt animals from your neighbors to reach this level. Animals available for adoption include the ugly duckling, black sheep, white cow, pink cows, brown cows, green turtle, black kitten, wild turkey, bull, clumsy reindeer, calf, and more.

Interesting Farmville Noah’s Ark Tape Facts:

o Earn the Yellow Ribbon and you will receive 10 XP, 500 coins and you will collect a chicken.

o Earn the White Ribbon and you will receive 20 XP, 2500 coins and collect a pig.

o Earn the Red Ribbon and you will receive 50 XP, 5,000 coins and collect a duck.

o Earn the Blue Ribbon and you will receive 100 XP, 10,000 coins and collect a horse.

Tape Tips and Tricks for Farmville:

To quickly get all four Noah’s Ark ribbons, add more neighbors for more gifts and more adoption opportunities.

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