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Did you know that during the economic downturn many people spend more time at home and therefore spend more money at home than in the past while working? In fact, people were eating less at restaurants and apparently they have reinvested that money in their homes. It seems that people are readjusting their lifestyle and the American consumer is saving more on many of their expenses, while spending more at home.

Of course, during the recession, people weren’t doing big home remodels, but they were doing little DIY projects. There was a lot of closet rearrangement, home office creation, and all sorts of other things. Perhaps you are thinking along the same lines and, if so, I would like to recommend a very good book that will help you organize your house, garage and DIY. The name of the book is;

“Simplified storage”, by Manroe, 1995

There are all kinds of wonderful tips in this book, and it not only explains how to do it yourself, but what materials to use and where are the best locations to buy the materials cheaply. Perhaps, you would like to organize or rearrange your garage, there is a giant chapter in this book just about garages. For the ladies, there are all kinds of tips for organizing your shoes in the closet and tips for creating better storage space in the empty space.

Perhaps the chapter on the kitchen and living room was the best of all. Wouldn’t you like to eliminate clutter and make everything look super classy, ​​but still have everything easy to find? Of course you would, and that is something this book can do for you. Therefore, I highly recommend it and I hope you think about it well.

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