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Quick change dumbbells are a great way to solve the problem that most traditional dumbbells present. You have to have multiple sets of dumbbells if you want to switch up your weight routines. This presents a number of issues including space restrictions for the user and the amount of time lost when changing weight levels. Quick-change dumbbells help shift weights without the traditional idea of ​​having hundreds of different sets of weights on the floor.

Why weight training?

Weight training, compared to other exercise programs, can play a vital role in body image. Since losing weight and maintaining body shape and image is one of the most important reasons people exercise, weight training can be a necessary part of any routine. Increases strength, tones and builds muscles of all categories and increases endurance. It can help people lose weight by maintaining lean body mass. It also helps stabilize coordination and balance. This can decrease injuries. In addition, it can prevent diseases such as osteoporosis.

Quick Change Dumbbell Brands

IronMaster Quick Lock Dumbbell System was developed by a Seattle based company in the late 1970’s. They offer a lifetime guarantee on all their products. To use your system, you use a traditional lock and unlock method to add or subtract weight.

Power Block Quick Change Dumbbells are manufactured by Interbell. This company was founded by two fitness gurus who found a problem with traditional weight storage. As a result, they built a system with six different weight ranges to suit the needs of each individual. This company offers the best compact design, excellent balance, a great warranty, the longest lasting weights, welded steel weights, expandable sets, the heaviest weights on the market, accessory compatibility, and a Made in the USA label.

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