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Dog walking can greatly relieve stress and bring immense happiness when dog and owner are together. However, some people fear walking the dog, as it can be a nightmare from start to finish, if your dog pulls and is trying to escape. That is why it is vitally important to train your dog and make sure that you and your dog have a walk that you both enjoy.

  • Pulling the strap

This sounds simple enough, but many dogs, if not properly trained, can make dog walking a very tedious task for the owner, as most of the time is spent dragging the dog and his arm ripped out of place.

A simple tip for this is to start as soon as you leave the house by showing your dog who is in charge of the walk and who is walking who. You need to understand that you control the walk from speed to where you are going. It is important that you do not let him throw at the end of the advantage. The end of the leash and the loop should pass through your right hand so that you have full control should it come loose, and your left hand should hold it firmly towards the bottom of the leash, about a foot from the dog’s neck. This way, you are in full control of how far he is from you and he won’t be able to stray too far or fall behind. If you try to ramble or pull it, hold it firmly and when it starts to lean in, loosen the strap a little so it knows you are doing it correctly.

  • Using commands

The most important command when walking a dog is the “heel”. This should mean obediently staying to my left side and heel. Before you even start walking the dog, have your dog sit up, then when you start walking, say heel in a firm voice and have your dog walk on your left side. If he tries to pull or run, stop him, make him sit up, and try again. Repeat this process until you begin to realize what the command means. You can also use treats to praise him when he does it right.

  • Use your voice

Remember to use your voice when you are walking dogs, this is one of your most important tools. Your dog knows your voice and will know when you are happy or angry with him. Continue to praise him when he’s okay and use a stern tone when he’s misbehaving on the hike. Voice commands work much better when the dog is walking than just pulling on the leash, as he will not know what that means.

Finally, always remember to pick up your dog’s poop when walking the dog, you are only courteous to other people and there may be a large fine attached. Remember to always leave the house with spare poop bags and toss them in a dog bin that can always be found at dog friendly parks.

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