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There are several different types of muscle cars that people can drive within the United States. The Mustang might be the most popular; however, the Camaro stands out as the runner-up and is rapidly making its way to the top. This car had been discontinued, but a year or two ago it came back. Soon, people who wanted to forget about the car wanted to own the newest and much more contemporary model.

To understand more about the concept of this supercar, you must initially identify the beginning of where it all began. The first Camaro was built in 1967 and was based on the Chevy Nova compact car of the time. It was a uni body structure that was created using a steel subframe. That’s what gave it a smooth, streamlined attribute that people really loved.

The semi-elliptical leaf spring offered suspension towards the rear axle and the double A-arms also provided independent front suspension. Under the lid was a 230-cubic-inch engine that had the ability to put out 140 horsepower. What was the purchase price? Only $ 2,466! As is common today, that value was subject to change according to the additional characteristics required by the consumer.

The concept of this car remained exactly the same for many years. It gave consumers a sleek look and a robust engine that helped them feel like they were in a strong race car without essentially being in one. However, during the 1980s, Chevy built the first Camaro with a 4-cylinder engine.

This particular model was more fuel efficient to keep up with changing gas prices and help make it more attractive to people who were still wary of how much fuel was being burned. This Camaro model also underwent probably the most dramatic exterior adjustments to help make it more modern for its time. That would be one of the biggest changes until the 2000s, when it came back and got bigger and meaner than ever.

Now everyone is very happy that things have changed for the better and even more so that they have been given the necessary updates. If you haven’t had a chance yet, you must go check it out and see how much you will love it.

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