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There are babies … and there are gifts for babies. The type of gift you give a baby definitely depends on the baby and the parents. I mean, imagine if you had to give baby Suri Cruise a gift. You would have to go to a luxury store like Saks or Neiman Marcus and select from cashmere, silk or other totally impractical, horrendously expensive materials. What matters is high fashion and huge price tags.

But, if you’re more interested in gifting meaningful baby gifts, you need to think a bit beyond silk dresses (which stain easily) and automated robots (which cost a fortune).

Personalized baby gifts are a great way to greet a precious baby. There are many reasons why personalized baby gifts can earn a lot of brownie points with baby and parents. For parents, their new baby is the center of their existence. Therefore, they will surely be excited by any gesture that is aimed at the personal happiness of your baby. For baby, personalized gifts make great keepsakes, something to be delighted with when they look back after many, many years.

So, here are some great personalized baby gift ideas.

Some gifts are universal, which means that all babies need them. Baby blankets and pacifiers are great examples. You can add an additional element of consideration by personalizing these gifts. For example, how about engraving the baby’s name or date of birth on a soft wool blanket? Custom pillowcases, fun t-shirts, and wall art are some other ideas.

If you’re short on time and ideas, gender-specific gifts are some of the best personalized baby gift ideas to follow. Gifts for boys are different from gifts for girls. For example, if she’s a girl, you might want to gift her a personalized monogrammed sweater. Or you can even gift a personalized baby bib with matching burp clothes. Little boys look so cute when they are dressed in shorts and T-shirts that are named after them.

If you want to gift something that can be used for a long time, obviously you have to think about more than just clothes and bedding. Babies grow too fast on these things. Therefore Junior or Princess can only use a crib, blanket, bib, dress, T-shirt or tracksuit for a few weeks to 2-3 months (if you are lucky!). For some, that would seem like a waste of money. Also, most babies get a lot of clothes. Therefore, one more may not make much of an impact.

Personalized baby gifts that are kept for a long time are not very difficult to find. You just need to think a little more. How about a tote bag for storing toys? You can personalize them by engraving the child’s name. Also, many companies even offer you bags of different colors, so you can have gender specific bags if you wish. Baby toys, bags, books, chalkboards, and wall art are gifts with a lot of “life” in them.

Babies are a wonderful gift of nature. They bring sunshine and happiness wherever they go. Therefore, it is natural for people to want to pamper and pamper them to their heart’s content before the brief years of childhood completely fade away. Personalized baby gifts are a great way to make any baby feel like royalty. So go ahead and spoil them.

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