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How to move well on the tennis court? What is agility training? Many players and coaches don’t know how to use tennis agility drills. Agility training isn’t incorporated enough at low level, but it should be because it’s an easy way to improve a player’s performance.

Tennis agility drills include anything that helps a player improve their coordination, balance, and footwork. There are thousands of exercises to improve the agility of tennis players and this will help them to be better on the court. Basic coordination exercises, such as catching or throwing a tennis ball with or without motion, are an easy way to improve on-court agility for beginning and junior players.

Stair exercises can be used at all levels and ages. The only difference will be the intensity and complexity of the tasks. These exercises are fun and can be very helpful in improving a tennis player’s coordination and footwork. Tennis is an activity that involves movement in all directions, which is why it is important to work on a ladder, moving forward, backward, and to the sides.

Hurdling drills can be used to help players improve their technique while moving. These exercises will emphasize the action of different muscles such as the hip flexor. The player will have to use a good technique if he wants to clear all the obstacles and then he can use this on the court and then move better.

Good tennis agility drills also help players improve their specific movements. Simple exercises done on the court, such as running towards a ball and casting a shadow, will help players move better. In these types of exercises, really focus on the first step and the recovery steps. There are no balls involved, perfect footwork technique must be used and once the player starts doing this without thinking, they will be able to do it in a real situation with tennis balls.

Balance training also contributes to the agility of the players. This can be done on the court by doing exercises on only one leg or also on unstable surfaces such as BOSU or balance discs. Depending on the level, just have players balance for 1 minute on 1 or 2 legs and then you can start closing your eyes, adding shadows with rackets, or catching and throwing tennis balls.

Working on the sand is for me one of the best ways to improve tennis players’ agility and movement. The sand is an unstable surface that makes movement very difficult. It will help players work on balance and leg strength. Once a player can move well in the sand, it will be much easier and much faster on the tennis court.

Tennis agility drills should be included in all training programs, can be done on or off the court, and are generally easy and fun drills that can really help a tennis player improve their game. There are so many different types of exercises, you can use books or his own imagination, just make sure you use the correct technique.

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