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Scrapbooking is a fun way to keep memories alive and record events during your pregnancy. It is a kind of journal, but with more images and with many accessories with quotes, comments, sketches, magazine clippings, ribbons, dried flowers and other interesting memories. Some moms like to create their scrapbooks by hand with a blank album, while other more tech-savvy moms like to post their digital scrapbooks online where family and friends from far away can see and comment on it. which has been published recently. Whichever medium is chosen, the following tips should help mummies create a pregnancy scrapbook week by week.

Choose an overall color scheme for your layout or album layout. Your scrapbook will be made up of various objects that look different from each other. The only thing that brings them together will be the themed scrapbooking design, such as a sepia-toned background with handwritten script for image descriptions and comments on the border. Don’t choose a gender-specific topic unless you are sure of the sex of your baby. Also, print your album design if you want a specific design for your background. These suggestions apply to both a real album and a digital one.

Use a Lomo or Instagram camera to create interesting images. These days, an ordinary digital camera looks boring without the additional filters or effects that Lomography or Instagram can provide. Lomography is a popular form of amateur photography that uses low-quality cameras from Holga, Diana, or the Austrian Lomo. This subcultural genre of photography has been described as spontaneous and candid. Due to poor camera build, photos often come out with low exposures, dull colors, and blurry images that together create a surreal artwork. In comparison, Instagram allows the same spontaneity and artistic freedom as Lomography, but with a more technical bent using smartphones rather than analog cameras.

Scrapbooking supplies come in many forms. You don’t have to buy ribbons, laces, stencil paper, or Japanese paper to make your album beautiful. Accessories with what you have on your work table, in your drawers and in old boxes behind your closet. Your sewing kit or art deco kit also serves as inspiration for designing your scrapbook. Find old magazines and cut out pictures or letters to better express what you feel or think during each week that your pregnancy progresses.

Request copies of your ultrasound images and color them to create a montage of your baby’s growth. Add photocopies of medical documents from your doctor visits. The fact that your baby is healthy and appears to be growing normally inside your tummy is both a source of joy and concern as the final week approaches. When you look back on those days when she was barely showing, you will be amazed at how far you have come to bring another human being into this world and experience the happiness of going through the journey of motherhood once again or for the first time. weather.

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