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I believe in synchronicity, it always shows me what’s next. Earlier today I was listening to the founder of the Omega Institute talk about the “time poverty” we are all experiencing. Too busy to cook, too busy to sit and eat, too busy to sleep, too engaged, exhausted, but too tired to sleep. It’s not a great image. Then, about an hour later, I was talking to Elissa, at Fresh Picks, an organic produce delivery service in Chicago, and she told me that some of the biggest problems people have buying produce is that they end up throwing it away. , “then why buy them?”, then it seems to me that the thought leads to… fast food to the rescue!

I like this concept of “time poverty”, it speaks to a broader concern. Wikipedia says; Poverty is scarcity or general scarcity, or the state of one who lacks a certain amount of material possessions or money. And when it comes to time, we are convinced that we don’t have enough, there is a shortage, a limited supply, and everything we do removes our limited supply. Leaving most of us feeling exhausted, frustrated, exhausted, convinced that it has to be this way. If most of the people we know live like us, then what we are doing may seem normal.

But what if we could start to slow down, what if we could create, savor, enjoy? How about taking a break, how would it change your day?

I remember about 12 years ago, I was running a studio, seeing clients, taking care of my house, my animal, and my meals looked like healthy fast food; bars and rice cakes, and I actually thought it was good! Okay, it wasn’t a candy bar or McD’s, but it wasn’t nourishing my body and it was an example of how much I didn’t think much about the foods I needed, the time I needed, or the options that were available to me. Definitely in the way of doing it, without listening or giving myself, or my body, a pause or the space it needed. My way of eating perpetuated my hasty way of living.

When I work with clients, many have never cooked for themselves, many not in years, or inconsistently, or are confused about all the options out there, they’re busy, they don’t have time to figure it out. This is the unraveling we do together. What and how we eat affects every part of our body, our food, our cells, our blood, tissues, our organs, thoughts… It does matter.

So I invite you to look at a meal and see what you need to make a healthier choice, what could you do for lunch that you’re not currently doing? Is there a simple meal you could make that you’d like to be a healthy option that wouldn’t take a lot of time if you planned ahead? What if you had something prepared a day ago that you could take out of the fridge and have for lunch, or a leftover that could be made into a breakfast? How different would you feel about yourself? I challenge you to take one meal/day this week and try it. Let me know what you decided.

If you want to take your dietary health to the next level, let’s talk. You deserve to give yourself nourishing food for your body and nourishing experiences for everyone to enjoy, this is not a race here :). To your health, joy and prosperity…

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