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Toronto Drainworks

Toronto Drainworks is an expert in waste water and sewage treatment. They are a member of the Toronto Water Commission and one of the largest un-licensed haulage companies in Canada. The company was established in 1957 with the acquisition of Black’s Water Treatment Centre located on Yonge Street. Since that time, they have grown to encompass many large industrial complexes and municipalities throughout Toronto. Toronto is known for having some of the cleanest and best treated water in the entire world. The city also boasts some of the most advanced plumbing systems in the entire world.

Clogged drain service Toronto

To understand how advanced their plumbing systems are, it may be useful to look at what is required to treat large quantities of water. In the United States, the average homeowner consumes thousands of gallons of water per day. To treat this water, large water tanks are required along with high capacity waste pipes. This waste water has to be disposed of in a safe manner. Fortunately, Toronto is home to some of the most advanced water treatment technology in North America. Their waste water and sewage water systems do not require any tanking or storage; therefore, they are environmentally friendly.

One of the greatest attractions for residents of Toronto is the fact that they do not rely on the drainage systems in the city. Instead, the residents recycle their water by using a leaf collector. The leaf collector collects leaves from trees throughout the city and dumps them into a specialized waste water container. This waste water is then filtered and cleaned before being pumped back into the city’s water supply.

Toronto Drainworks – Recycle Your Trash and Generate Electricity at the Same Time

Another attraction for residents of Toronto is the low cost of water. Toronto Drainworks is not dependent on traditional water service contracts. They offer a 100% water recycling program. They have implemented this plan through the use of leaf blowers that remove leaves and other debris from sidewalks, gutters and storm sewers. By separating the garbage and turning it into water, the costs to the city are reduced.

The Toronto Drain Works is also responsible for removing tree roots that clog gutters and cause damage to the roofs of houses. If left unchecked, tree roots can cause significant damage to your roof. They can also cause your septic system to break down or blockage of storm water drains. As you can see, both services and the costs associated with them are essential to the maintenance of a healthy environment.

In addition to recycling trash and removing tree roots, the Toronto Drainworks system also recycles liquid sewage. The reclaimed sewage water is used for industrial cleaning purposes. These industries include fertilizer plants, lime plants, pharmaceutical plants, sewage treatment plants, water treatment plants and even sewage treatment facilities. In addition to water, Toronto produces 20% of their electricity by utilizing sewage water.

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