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Not only is the world experiencing unprecedented times due to the coronavirus pandemic, but now the United States is experiencing extreme action against racism due to the brutal murder of George Floyd by a Minneapolis police officer. The outright outrage at racism is justified and is being displayed by thousands of protesters and millions of peaceful people. There are people around the world who are also joining the outrage over racial prejudice and injustice against blacks. Society opposes racism.

Certainly, this is not the first time such injustice has occurred. Although abuse can occur with white people, over the years there have been many cases in which black people were attacked and unfairly treated simply because of the color of their skin. Innocent black men have been suspected of crimes just for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Black mothers and fathers regularly warn their children about the possibility of it happening to them, even if they are fully law-abiding citizens conducting their daily lives in a normal manner.

George Floyd has become a symbol of the systemic racism that occurs in this country. Although his name and his story might not have been known if he had lived, he unknowingly gave his life for the cause of justice. He may not have been a totally innocent person as he was being arrested on suspicion of a crime. He could have been guilty of doing something wrong. However, he was a relatively young man who did not deserve to die like that. His name and his history will be remembered for many years.

Perhaps if George Floyd had not died in the confrontation, his case would remain unknown. Others, both black and white, may have faced similar treatment from law enforcement officers. If they did not die, it is likely that their experiences were not known. Although some videos emerge showing the brutal behavior of police officers, most have no consequences against the police. His situation is not known to anyone other than close relatives or friends besides the police. Often nothing happens, even with video coverage, and the outrage doesn’t happen.

We can look at the millions of successful black people who have been educated with degrees in the areas of law, medicine, and all fields or who were successful in other businesses without the benefit of higher education. Many now live in upper-class neighborhoods and have a lot of money, but chances are high that they have not grown up privileged and that they have faced racism in their lives. Even those who are now “rich and famous” have declared that they have also encountered racist people and problems in their lives. Some are providing financial aid to the cause.

Racism is nothing new. It should have been rectified by now in the United States, but apparently there will always be some obnoxious people who consider themselves better than ethnic minority people. While most elected officials claim to be against racism, there are some who seem to be outspoken promoting racial inequality, like the congressman from Iowa who was just defeated in his Republican primary election. The prejudice and discrimination of a few continue to prevent the eradication of racism.

Asian Americans have experienced racism over the years. Racism was what caused the Chinese to be discriminated against in the Chinese Exclusion Law after Chinese immigrants had been such an important factor in the construction of the Transcontinental Railroad. Japanese immigrants faced extreme discrimination when laws were passed prohibiting further immigration from Japan. Americans of Japanese descent faced a final case of severe racism when they were forcibly removed from their West Coast homes and imprisoned in American concentration camps during World War II, even though they were innocent of any wrongdoing.

However, other ethnicities cannot claim to have been mistreated in the same racist way as African Americans have been for decades and centuries. Racism must not be allowed to continue. The change should have come sooner, but the haters continue to perpetrate the racism that still exists.

Peaceful protests can help bring about change, but they must remain peaceful so as not to cause further damage. It is gratifying to see so many white people joining the peaceful protests against racism. Total outrage at racism is justified and long overdue, but it is important not to let violence and vandalism take over. It is a civil rights issue to be treated fairly. It is definitely time for a change.

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