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An integrated wallcovering with the right wallpaper border can greatly enhance your entire room décor, with a touch of professionalism, creativity, and a few basic skills. Some of these tips can be helpful for hanging Borders on the wall.

First of all, decide on which corner of the wall you want to start installing the edge of the wallpaper. In terms of height, a trim height is commonly used, but it does not have to be mandatory. Choose a design that will best complement the overall decor of the room.

You can create beautiful architectural features by applying wallpaper borders around doors and windows. For example, outlining with thin strips from the edge can really accentuate the shape of your doors and windows, especially if you have traditional, large, ugly ones.

Ceilings are often overlooked when decorating with wallpaper borders. What many people do not know is that installing valances on the ceiling can give a nice effect to the decoration of the room, keeping it together visually.

Experimenting with paints can also be helpful when decorating with wallpaper borders. For example, painting contrasting colors in and around the Border, in a variety of different styles, can really give a boring room some color and light. You may need to make a small sketch on paper first before applying the paints.

Vertically applied wallpaper borders can create textures that visually enhance your walls. With a little more imagination, you can also make unique designs by hanging Borders in unusual directions and shapes.

Creativity is always important when installing Wallpaper Borders. For example, double edges and the use of multiple wallpaper edges can give a very nice cladding effect, while a false ceiling effect can be achieved by applying the wallpaper edge a few inches below the ceiling throughout the room. .

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