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It hurts like hell when someone you care about suddenly stops calling and responding to your texts. Did you have a relationship with him but he didn’t have the courtesy to say something and just disappeared? It’s amazing, I know. So by sharing some thoughts on why men disappear instead of breaking up, I hope it gives you some peace of mind, you can stop wondering why this happened, start moving on with your life, and find out more about what you can do. do to prevent it from happening again…

  1. Men disappear instead of parting because you want to avoid the conflict and drama of the breakup. He knows that you will be hurt by the breakup, which will most likely end in tears or a fight. And men generally have no idea how to handle a woman who is emotionally out of control. You may even fear it. Therefore, I would rather disappear and avoid you, rather than face the drama.
  2. Another reason a guy will disappear instead of telling you he wants a breakup is because he desperately wants to avoid being asked “Why are we breaking up?” Most men cannot specifically understand their loss of interest in the woman they used to be very attracted to. And if he doesn’t understand it, how can he possibly explain it to you? He would have to lie…would that really be better?
  3. Men will also disappear instead of breaking up because they don’t want to tell you the real reasons for your break up. Very often, the reasons a man decides to break up are not the same reasons a woman would end a relationship. He instinctively knows that you may not understand the reason for him. Also, there is no way he can help you understand his logic either. Maybe he knows the reason why he’s not attracted to you… but he can’t tell the truth because he’s too cruel. Do you really want to know that he thinks you’re not pretty enough, boring, etc.?
  4. He has made a firm decision and does not want to discuss it with you. He predicts that you can try to talk him out of his decision, but he knows that nothing he says will change your mind. So since it’s a foregone conclusion, he thinks there’s no point in arguing about why he won’t see you anymore.

The most important thing to know is that his actions have made it clear that your relationship is over for him. And even though he hurts, you can be thankful that it happened now, instead of letting things drag on any longer.

While there are ‘logical’ reasons why a man disappears rather than break up, it is not an excuse for his immature, irresponsible and hurtful behavior. Fortunately, the end of this relationship means that you have the opportunity to find a man worthy of your love, who will treat you with respect and appreciate you. But you will need to know how to attract and keep that man if you want to have the relationship you have always dreamed of having.

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