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How to enlarge your penis is a term that is used in many Google searches. There are many methods to enlarge your penis. Over time, in what is the average size of a penis, we hope to cover many of these different techniques.

The different methods to increase the size of your penis range from natural products to major surgery. On the web, any search for penis enlargement will show a number of miracle products. These products often have little or no effect, but they still manage to sell their products by taking advantage of the man’s fear of feeling inadequate. On our site we have already shown that most men have a penis that is within the range of normal penis size.
Those of you who are not up to the task, don’t panic. It is what you do with your member rather than size that most women count on. Many women prefer a tongue on the clitoris to a penis in the vagina.

Many men feel like they have a smaller penis because they are comparing their penises to those in the porn industry, which is wrong. Most of the men who audition for pornographic roles are much older than average, like Ron Jeremy. Comparing your penis to them is unfair to yourself. It’s like comparing your throwing arm to Peyton Manning’s.

One technique that can be used is one that involves surgery on the penis; it is not clear whether the penis extends to the lower abdomen. It is called the internal penis. This inner penis is fixed in place by the suspensory ligament of the penis. If you were to cut this ligament, the inner penis will emerge from the lower abdomen. This is because the penis will no longer be connected to the pelvic bone. Instead, it will increase the length that hangs outside the body. This procedure will ensure you on average about an extra inch of your penis size. It is an answer to enlarge the size of your penis.

This may seem like an ideal scenario. There are negatives to this course of action. Any surgery can go wrong and puts the body under stress even if it is successful. The only major disadvantage of this particular surgery is that it is the suspensory ligament of the penis that causes your erection to increase. The surgically altered penis will still stiffen as usual, but will still hang between your legs when hardened. It will not “stand firm” so to speak.

The surgically enhanced penis can still be used in the usual way for lovemaking, but it requires you or your partner to manually place the penis in erotic openings.

You will continue to feel the same and orgasm will be normal. It just requires you and your partner to use different positions so that each of you can get the most pleasure from making love. It will change the way both of you must approach sex to achieve the desired rewarding result.

This type of surgery cannot be taken lightly like all surgeries, it can be very stressful. It will add to the size of the penis, but the big question is whether the positives outweigh the negatives that the patient will now not be able to make their penis rise or that they cannot insert their penis into erotic openings without the use of the hand?

This is not a question that we can answer here, but one that each individual has to ask. All we can say here is that we suggest that you discuss it with others before making your final decision.

If you are considering this surgery, it would be advisable for you to speak not only with your partner first, but with your doctor as well. There may be other natural ways that can produce the desired effect that does not involve surgery.

The cost of surgery in the United States can start at $ 10.00, but it can increase to $ 15,000 for the lengthening procedure and it will take at least three days of your life to complete. This expansion operation will not be covered by insurance companies either. So far, it doesn’t seem to be available in other countries.

If you are considering this surgery, be sure to find a doctor you trust. If the doctor is reputable, he or she will allow you to talk to other patients who have undergone surgery themselves and will be able to alleviate any fears you may have or answer any questions.

Remember that surgery should only be considered after all other avenues have been considered and you are comfortable with your decision.

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