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The Los Angeles Kings are one of the professional hockey teams in the National Hockey League (NHL). It is one of six expansion teams in 1967. The team was owned by LALakers owner Jack Kent Cooke. He bought the franchise for $2 million. Fans hailing from the northeastern United States and Canada make up the majority of Kings ticket connoisseurs.

The team played at The Forum for its first 32 seasons. Cooke built the Forum to house the Kings of him. The Kings tickets were sold out to crowds of fans who were accommodated by the newly created Kings castle.

The team had good first two seasons. They placed second in their first season in the Western Division. They were only one point behind the Flyers. Tickets for the second season also paid off as the Kings took fourth place in the Western Division. However, the team seemed to meet with misfortune the following years. Those at the top of the team preferred veteran players who, in most cases, are slowing down in their careers. Because of this, the once strong support for the Kings dwindled. Tickets became popular again in 1972 when the team acquired Rogatien Vachon. Kings ticket holders singing Rogie! Roger! to cheer on your beloved player. The team’s improved defensive plays under Bob Pulford also helped put the Kings back on the pedestal. With Pulford’s guidance, the team experienced three of its best seasons. In 1979, the Kings welcomed Marcel Dione to the team, further strengthening their offense. Between Vachon’s defense and Dione’s offense, the Kings’ inning connoisseurs were rejuvenated.

The Kings saw an improvement in management once Mcnall managed the team. The acquisition of Gretzky led the team to a second-place finish in the Smythe Division in his first season. In the 1990-1991 season, the Kings won their first and only division title. The team was disabled when its main star was injured. Gretzky returned after the first 39 games. Third parties were placed on the Smythe with the help of Luc Robitaille. In 1993, the Kings played for the Stanley Cup. Gretzky and the teams became popular even though they lost the match. After such a game, Kings tickets became a more popular topic than ever.

The Kings moved out of the Forum in 1999. The team now plays in the state-of-the-art facility at Staples Center.

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