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In life, you rarely find yourself alone. You’ll always have neighbors to greet, friends to chat with, and family to turn to for comfort. These relationships hold a place in your heart and deserve a significant portion of your time.

Despite your attempts to get along with the people around you, there are times when you experience difficulties. If you want to go the extra mile to develop your relationships, why not try some self-help ideas from Maxwell’s 101 Percent Principle?

In his book Winning With People, John C. Maxwell describes the 101 Percent Principle very simply: Find one percent that you agree on. Give that one percent 100 percent of your effort.

By relating Maxwell’s principle to your life, you can say that disagreements and differences should not be the focus of your attention. Rather, the similarities should be. If your relationship with the people around you is fluid, congratulations. However, if it is rocky, work on it using the principle.

Human nature is fascinating. In relationships, experience tells you and most people that you will study differences first before concentrating on similarities. You also tend to be drawn to more negativity than positivity.

A few rough bumps, bumps, and twists in your relationship are not things to be truly ashamed of. They are normal, but they need your recognition. Once you recognize the problem, you can start looking for solutions. One of the best is, of course, giving that one percent of everything you have.

By putting this particular principle into practice when it comes to your relationships, you will find that you can build a strong foundation for your relationship from scratch. It will also reduce the amount of conflict you experience. You will truly find that you can make the best of any particular situation and that you can be content with the role you play in the relationship.

If you are looking for relationship self-help to make it more positive and productive, you must gain a deep understanding of the 101 Percent Principle.

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