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Attracting a steady stream of leads takes a lot of time and consistency. Unfortunately, time is the one thing that entrepreneurs can never seem to get enough of. Building a database of qualified prospects requires a lot of phone calls, creative marketing strategies, and online searches.

Many entrepreneurs spend so much time managing current clients and creating new offers that they neglect the prospecting side of their business. It is impossible to be everywhere and do everything; this is where a virtual assistant comes in handy. Virtual assistants can help you improve the overall performance and effectiveness of your business. While handling current business or contracts, your VA may seek new clients. The key to longevity is making sure there is always something in the funnel.

The first step in using a virtual assistant to generate leads is to find a credible VA. Some key questions you want to ask are:

How long have you been a VA? It is important that you select a person or company that has been working virtually for at least 1 full year. Working with supervision is not something that everyone can do successfully.

Do they have any experience in marketing or lead generation? This one speaks for itself. You don’t want to hire someone with no prospecting experience because now you have to train your virtual assistant on top of the 100 other things on your to-do list.

Where they are located? It is important that the person you choose can work when your potential clients are accessible. This is especially important if you are going to incorporate phone calls into your marketing strategy.

Once you have chosen your person or team, the next step is to make it clear what you want to achieve, what is the desired end result. It is important to keep an open line of communication with your virtual assistant.

Before the job begins, create a recording system or formula that you are both comfortable with. This system should include some kind of reporting schedule, a dedicated time to possibly connect on the phone, your sales process, and a preset number of hours you want your Virtual Assistant to work. It’s also important that you get some sort of daily lead report because time is always of the essence when you’re dealing with a major lead. Daily lead reports also create an accountability system for your virtual assistant.

Remember that to earn money, you may have to spend something. Constant prospecting equals constant cash flow. Invest in your business by partnering with a credible support team today.

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