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So, I’ve lived in Utah Valley for about 4 years, and if I’ve learned anything while I’m here, it’s that this area is so beautiful. I look out the window (I live halfway up the mountain next to the BYU Y) and I always have this amazing view of Provo, Springville, Spanish Fork and outlying areas. There is a beautiful view of Utah Lake, along with the BYU campus. You can also see the LDS temples in the distance. It is especially beautiful when it is night. Sometimes I like to look out on the porch and take it all in.

While I am at a lower elevation, like on the BYU campus, I am surrounded by beautiful snow-capped mountains, clothed in greenery during the summer. Today, when I look outside, I feel like taking a nap using the clouds as a pillow. Every once in a while we get a random rain storm, which is always a refreshing change from the hot weather during the summer. However, summers are not unbearably hot, as Utah is a high desert. Humidity is almost nonexistent, which took me a while to get used to. However, once I did, I loved it! It makes finding a cool place to relax during the summer so much easier.

One thing I really enjoy about Utah, which is beautiful in its own right, is the highway system. They use a simple grid system in most Utah cities, making it easy to find places. If I need to go to my friend’s house, and he lives at 845 N 900 E in Provo, all I need to do to get there is go to Provo, find East 900th Street, and then travel until I reach the block of East 900 between 800 North and 900 North. It makes my life so much simpler as I don’t have to go to MapQuest or Google Maps to find a place.

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