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This Civil War epic has enough action to interest even the casual movie buff at least once. The thinking Christian will want to own this movie for an occasional rerun. In the tradition of Gone with the Wind, Gods and Generals is nearly four hours of war history. Unlike Gone with the Wind, this film focuses on war and war strategy history, with romance as a subplot.

Gods and Generals follows the lives of various Christian officers from both sides of the conflict, both on the battlefield and in their homes. Ted Turner has masterfully depicted both the glory and the horror of war in Gods and Generals. Shockingly, the movie mogul who said, “Christianity is a religion for losers,” has labeled pro-life Christians “Bozos,” and generally has nothing nice to say about the religion he was raised in. , describes the Christian faith of Stonewall. Jackson with incredible respect.

This movie is sated with characters who are devoted to God and unashamed of their devotion. You will be inspired by the dependence placed on God at this time of great danger in the lives of the men and women represented. The Christian thinker will find the exchange between “Stonewall Jackson and his wife” on the occasion just before his death especially inspiring.

The casual viewer of the film will feel pain during some of the dialogue, which was designed to educate the audience about the attitudes of characters on both sides of the conflict. Turner sometimes, either on purpose or by accident, recounts the “just war” philosophy that was systematized by reformers in the 16th and 17th centuries. Robert Duvall, as Robert E. Lee, delivers a speech conveying that the South was defending its homeland against an invading tyrant. Stephen Lang, as General “Stonewall” Jackson, proclaims to one of his staff officers that we must turn to the Bible for guidance on how to proceed in this war. Joshua Chamberlain, played by Jeff Daniels, explained the sentiment of some during the period about the inconsistency of men fighting for their freedom while leaving others in bondage just because of the color of their skin.

Shortly after Glenn Beck introduced the concept of “the fusion of entertainment and lighting” to America, Ted Turner inserted that concept into this film. You’ll want to schedule a night to see this massive 220-minute film that portrays some memorable moments from the most tumultuous period in American history.

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