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Most of us are not prepared for what to do when your boyfriend is crying. This is because we rarely see men cry. While there is no textbook that tells you exactly what to do when your boyfriend is crying, here are some suggestions that have worked well for me in the past …

1. Be quiet and let him cry with all his heart.

Men are less likely to reveal their emotions in public. So if your boyfriend cries in your presence, or feels really bad inside, he trusts you more than most people, or both. We are all human beings, which means that sometimes all we need is to cry well. Remember how things don’t seem so bad after releasing your emotions? I know it’s unsettling to see your normally emotionally stable boyfriend lose his cool. But remember that it is a human being. So support him like you would support a girlfriend if she cried too.

2. Make him a hot drink.

Remember how mom always soothed and warmed you with a cup of hot drink? Recreate that space of safety and comfort for your boyfriend when he cries. Since our problems and stress are more on our minds than anywhere else, he will calm down when he fixes things. All you need to do is remind you of the good thing that you have right now in your life – you and the hot drink in your hand.

3. Make a note to ask your boyfriend what put him at ease as a child, so you know better what to do next time.

Since you’re gathering more information on what to do when your boyfriend is crying, why not go straight to the source? Ask your boyfriend how his mother used to comfort him as a child. Or what he would like you to do when he feels bad in the future. I may not have an answer for you. But there is nothing wrong with asking. If you know your family and friends well enough, take a chance and ask them too. People who love your boyfriend will be glad that you care so much in him.

4. Stroke her hair or place your palm on her lower back.

Stroking your boyfriend’s hair and putting your palm on his lower back when he cries are good things you can do because they are intimate acts. People don’t tend to touch each other so intimately because it is socially inappropriate. But since your boyfriend is opening your heart to you, reciprocate by doing something that only a close friend or lover would do. After all, receiving the human touch is an irreplaceable source of comfort.

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