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Student Accommodation in Cambridge

Cambridge student accommodation is as diverse and exciting as the city itself. With a world-leading university, vibrant culture and plenty of events, it’s a small but lively city with an unforgettable atmosphere. As a compact and friendly town, it’s best to explore on foot if you can, although the local bus network is extensive with student discounts available. Cambridge also has a strong cycling culture and is one of the most bike-friendly cities in the UK, so you can keep fit while you commute to your lectures.

The city’s colleges are home to their own accommodation, which is often the most sought-after student property. Located in the heart of the city, they offer an intimate setting with picturesque courtyards and chapels. Many of the rooms are self-contained, with private bathrooms and kitchens, but some only have shared facilities. You’ll find that the rooms are clean and well-maintained, with maintenance issues usually sorted out quickly by the college porters. If you’re interested in finding college-owned Cambridge student accommodation, it’s worth looking at the websites of individual colleges.

There are also a number of purpose-built student flats in the city, including Brunswick House. Located only a 24-minute walk from the University of Cambridge and 10-minutes from Anglia Ruskin University, it offers a great range of ensuite rooms and studios in addition to comfortable social and study spaces.

What to Look For in Student Accommodation in Cambridge

When you’re ready to choose your student apartment, it’s important to consider the location and facilities. If you want to live close to the campus, look for properties like Nido Hill Castle. These modern, fully furnished apartments are a short bus ride from both campuses and just a few minutes from the city centre. They include a gym, private rooms and studios, as well as a range of social and study spaces.

If you prefer to be a little bit further from the university, try Brunswick House. This is a great choice for students who want to be able to walk or cycle to the city centre or either of the universities. The apartment building itself is modern and well-maintained, with ensuite bedrooms in both shared and private configurations. It also has a games room, cinema room and plenty of quiet study spaces.

Resident Advisors and Support Staff: Resident advisors and support staff play a crucial role in fostering a supportive community within student accommodations. They act as mentors, providing guidance, and offering assistance with any challenges or concerns that students may face during their stay. Resident advisors also organize events and activities to promote community engagement and social interaction.

A popular option is to find a studio in the city centre, which will give you easy access to the main shopping streets and bars. You can also find a variety of cheap student rooms in other areas, such as Chesterton and Newmarket, which are both good for those who love to shop but want a more relaxed city environment than the centre. In these locations, there are a number of smaller shops and restaurants to choose from. You’ll also find some great cafes, pubs and markets in these areas. Choosing a student accommodation in the right area can make all the difference when it comes to your lifestyle and experience of studying in Cambridge.

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