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Lewis Wallace and Jessica Giusti have been close friends since kindergarten at NRPS
since 2009. What if Lewis W had to deal with Jessica Giusti moving to Singapore on April 28, 2019?

The future event timeline shows the anticipated loss of a friend due to an overseas relocation event
for April 28, 2019 with the news of Sunday March 10, 2019

It’s really hard when close friends move to another country.
But you just have to learn to live without your close friend who has moved on.

I read the internet and here is a summary of the best suggestions:

There is conflicting advice about what to do with younger children (under 7 years old). Some say you should delay telling them until very close to moving. They will just worry endlessly about it, and they won’t really understand it. Others say you should give them plenty of advance notice, so they can prepare.
For older children (ages 8 and up), it’s best to tell them as soon as possible. Give them time to get used to the idea.
Get your child involved in planning a going away party for his friend.
Show your child on a map where his friend is moving and look him up on the Internet so he can learn more about it. It can be exciting to see new places.
Have your child make a special gift for their friend. It could be a photo album, drawings of them together, a story. Frame it and give it to them before they leave. When we returned to the UK a few years ago a friend did this for us. We still put it out, watch it and remember them!
Make a photo album for your child to keep. Or get a Flip and video the two of you together doing some of your favorite activities.
But you will say goodbye to your close friend forever as you can no longer keep in touch which means you will never see each other again.

But you can’t see your friend anymore because they lost contact.
Read them one of the books about moving friends. Often hearing their feelings in a story format can help them understand. At least feel a little better.
Put your child in situations where he can make new friends. Make an effort to go on playdates with other classmates. Sign them up for a new activity.
Talk about how your child feels about the move. It’s okay to be sad and cry. If they can’t articulate what they feel, help them. “You’re going to miss Jessica, right?” “Is it very sad that she is leaving?” “Jessica will not return to Sydney, but you will survive
Give them space to deal with it. Dealing with loss is a life lesson.
Of course I’m sad too! I am good friends with Deb and will miss her. I wonder if she’d think it’s weird if I made a scrapbook for her.

Will Lewis and Jessica’s friendship end on April 28, 2019? Is your prediction true?
Will Jessica move to Singapore next year?

Did the legendary man get it right again?

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